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The Dancer and the Boxer

‘The Dancer and the Boxer’ are looking for someone a little different to play the role of a dancer in their mid 30's to early 40's. Are you a ballet dancer who would like to play one of the lead roles in an independent Australian film?

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Emily Isaac on Auditioning
As you progress in your dancing career auditions become a regular part of your dancing life. Emily Isaac shares essential tips to help you succeed at your next audition! Read More
Glitter Blogger Emily Isaac
Emily dances full time with the Queensland Dance School of Excellence and Brisbane Academy of Dance. She has been performing since a very young age and has been a customer of Glitter and Dance for many years! Read More
Healthy Snack Ideas
Our Glitter Blogger Shannon Stone gives you some ideas for healthy snacks to refuel your child after their weekly workout and some great snack ideas for back to school! Read More
Glitter Blogger Shannon Stone #2
What to wear to gymnastics - tips for dressing your child Read More
Glitter Blogger Shannon Stone
Shannon works in advertising and marketing and is a gymnastics mum! She loves the sun and everything Brisbane has to offer. Read More
Backstage with Larissa from K&L Dance
Larissa Thayane and Kadu Pires are recognised leaders in Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira. Their dancing shapes, forms and starts dance trends! K&L Dance's teachers are right at the cutting edge of Latin dance. Read More
Backstage with Marko Panzic
Marko Panzic is a Choreographer, Dancer and Artistic Director. He is the founder of 'The Dream Dance Company' and in addition to this has worked with an array of performers and productions such as The Voice, Ricki-Lee, Jessica Mauboy and Havana Brown. Step behind the scenes with us and get to know Marko and hear some fantastic advice! Read More
Introducing our Allstar Cheerleading Glitter Blogger
We would like to welcome Leith Wendt to our team of Glitter Bloggers! Read More
Backstage Pass Questions with Glitter Blogger Leith!
This week Leith lets us know what inspires and motivates her in our Backstage Pass interview... Read More
My Costume Making Adventures
Gayle shares exclusive knowledge and pictures from the costume department Seven Deadly Sins! Read More
Meet our newest Glitter Blogger - Gayle MacGregor!
Come meet Glitter Blogger Gayle MacGregor - Costume Maker Extraordinaire! Gayle has been involved with costume making and stage production for over 30 years. Read More
Backstage Interview with Gayle!
Come and read about who inspires Gayle and what drives her creative passion... Read More
We have a winner!
Sponsor a superstar has just been announced and what a year!! Read More
Sponsor a Superstar 2015

With 2015 slowly creeping up on us, it means one thing... Sponsor a Superstar is back!!

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Glitter Global Grant Goes Glitzy

13th of September saw a great day for our friends at Colombo Metro club in Sri-Lanka.

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Glitz, Glamour, A Global Sensation - Strictly Ballroom The musical

Its no secret that Baz Luhrmann is one of the greatest talents coming from our Aussie shores. In saying this he has really stepped up the game with his latest work, the broadway musical based around the 1992 sensation Strictly Ballroom.

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Masters of Movement 2014
Ever wanted the opportunity to join some of Australia’s most talented dancers, and to learn their tips and tricks as well as seeing them live? Glitter and Dance are proud to announce Masters of Movement, a master class featuring So You Think You Can Dance Australia’s 2014 winner Michael Dameski, as well as runner up Lauren Seymour and the fan-favourite power couple Ashleigh Tavares and Patric Kuo! Read More
Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2014

A few months ago we announced that we were finalists for the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2014, and on Saturday 5th April 2014, two of our three business owners Kerry and Carly entered the grand ballroom of the Westin Sydney for the awards ceremony. The ballroom was spectacularly designed, and everyone present looked amazing.

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Nadiah is in the house!

April is panning out to be a massive month for the Glitter and Dance team, and this huge month kicked off with a visit from a VIP guest.

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Dancing with the CEO's

Glitter and Dance are all about sparkle and pizazz, and on Friday 28th March 2014 Cassandra, Carly and Sarah joined Brisbane’s finest at the Dancing with the CEO’s ball, which was all about the glitz and the glamour of showbiz.

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Montana goes to SYTYCDAU!!
Our Sydney Dance Correspondent was lucky enough to head along to So You Think You Can Dance Australia! Here are her top 7 moments of the night as well as a few snaps!! Read More
Behind the scenes at So You Think You Can Dance Australia

As most of you would know by now, the team here at Glitter and Dance are currently working as one of the suppliers of this years season of So You Think You Can Dance Australia, and two members of our team were lucky enough to be invited along to the filming of the show to see what an amazing job that the costume department at Shine Studios does to turn our fabrics into the amazing final end pieces that are featured on the show.

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Glitter Global Grant
Here at Glitter and Dance we have an unyielding passion for all things dance, and we love nothing more then sharing our passion with others, especially those who under normal circumstances, may not have the opportunity to experience the joy that dance can bring. It is for this reason that we started our Glitter Global Grant. Read More
Brisbane VIP night
The champagne was chilling, the costumes were ready, and the Glitter and Dance team were excited for the kick-off of our first VIP night! Read More
Our biggest shipment EVER!!
The sun was up, the container was full and our girls were ready to unpack! Read More
3 Christmas decorations made using fabric!
Concerts are over! “Hooray!” We hear you cry! Now it’s time to focus on Christmas and holidays. We bet that you have heaps of fabric lying around from your concert costumes and you have no idea what to do with it. Well here are your solutions! Read More
3 Ways to Survive the Concert Silly Season
It’s November, which means the days are getting warmer, Christmas is just around the corner and concert season has arrived! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you through the silly season.
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3 Reasons to use Stretch Fringing in your next costume
It’s concert season!! Costumes are being pulled together and it’s your chance to stand out from the crowd. Our tip? Stretch fringing! Read More
4 Tips to giving your best performance... every time!
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Your Perfect Dance Workout: 80's Edition
Lately, we've been feeling a bit nostalgic for an earlier time...a time when shoulder pads ruled the world, crop tops weren't just for going out, and neon on neon was an acceptable fashion statement. In other words, we've been longing to go back to the 80's. If you, like us, are looking for a way to revisit a past life, or just a way to update your dance routine, our newest Perfect Dance Workout is just the remedy you need. Read More
Which Dance Class is for You?
So you decided to sign up for a dance class, excellent! Now the trouble becomes, what class do you choose? Depending on what studio you are in, you will be faced with numerous choices of dance styles. Here is an overview of some popular styles of dance: Read More
What's the Pointe?
Pointe is a style of ballet in which the dancer's weight is supported by the tips of their fully extended feet. Pointe shoes are worn to perform this style of dance, and are built with a hard, flattened enclosure on the front end to allow the ballerina to balance. Technique, placement and alignment are extremely important in pointe. Read More
Tips for Dance Competition
Competition is a highlight of the season for many dancers. You work hard choreographing, practicing, and planning, but your fate lies heavily on one thing -- the judges! Glitter and Dance has some tips for you to keep in mind as you approach competition time. Read More
The Daily Buzz Says Maternity Leggings are a Pregnant Lady’s Friend
A big thank you goes out to the folks at The Daily Buzz Australia. They gave us a shoutout about our sparkly footless tights which are available for under $80. The article says that: Read More
Rainbow Brite Fabric For Washable Diapers
You may have been following the trend of washable diapers, also known as reusable diapers and in Australia we call them nappies. It seems like a second craze is sweeping the world as well: creating these washable diapers out of Rainbow Brite fabric. We have found ourselves at the center of this because Glitter & Dance is the only company in the world making the Rainbow Brite fabric. Read More
Mao's Last Dancer Competition

Don't miss out on a chance to win a copy of Mao's Last Dancer written and autographed by Li Cunxin, the new head of the Queensland Ballet! It's really easy to enter.

Q) Who was the famous Rotarian who acted as Li's attorney during the tense negotiations with consular officials?

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How To Choose A Dance Costume
So, you've chosen what style of dance you want to perform. You've choreographed moves, and decided on stage lights and directions. What is missing? Many people consider the dance costume to be one of the most important components of the performance. When chosen correctly, it adds to the story and details of the dance. But, when chosen without thought, the costume can be a distraction, taking away from your act! Read More
Glitter Baby - coming soon
We're very proud to announce this new line of kid's tights - with a difference! Think cute ruffle bottoms, lace and knee patches. We're positive your kids will have a ball in these practical, but fun leggings. We'll even be creating a 'Mummy and Me' range for all our yummy mummies. Watch this space! You'll be the first to know when our website goes live. Read More
Congratulations Kerry!
Our very own Kerry Young in the latest issue of The ARA Retailer. Keep up the good work! Read More
5 Tips: Why It Is Fun To Make Your Own Dance Costume
We at Glitter & Dance pride ourselves on delivering some of the finest dance costumes available in the world. However, a significant portion of our business is providing the proper materials to dance designers, both to major ones and to people at home. Designing and making your own dance costume has become an alternative, for reasons listed below, for many dancers. Read More
5 Tips: Trying New Dance Classes
When most people think of dance class, the image that comes to mind is a ballet studio. But there are so many other types of classes out there! If you need a break from your ballet or modern dance class, or are just looking for something different to try, it might be time for an interesting new class. Below are 5 tips on how to get out of your comfort zone and find some new dance classes. Read More
5 Tips: How to Pick the Right Level of Dance Class
Picking the right level of dance class can be one of the most important decisions you make when choosing a dance class. Even if a style of dance is your favorite, if you're not at the right difficultly, it can easily become boring or incredibly frustrating. To avoid ending up in a dance predicament, check out these 5 tips for how to select the perfect class. Read More
5 Tips: How to Make Time for Dance
Nowadays, it seems like we never have a spare moment to enjoy ourselves. Especially in a busy family, it can feel like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. The good news is that dance can cover two of your goals in one - exercise and relaxation. Here are 5 ways to start dancing and keep at it. Read More
5 Tips: How To Find The Best Dance Class For Your Child
Dance classes for children have never been more popular than they are now! Back in the dark ages you used to have to search far and wide to find a suitable class for your child. Now it seems like there can be one on every street corner. However, with so many options how do you find the best one for your child? In this blog post we outline 5 different tactics that can get your child dancing in the best environment immediately. Read More
5 Tips: How to Ace Your Audition
While being a great dancer is a great selling point, there are a lot of dancers out there who are just as great. Solid choreography and good technique can only take you so far. What will make you stand out and ace your audition is being aware of all facets of dance. To give yourself an extra edge, check out these 5 tips to ace your audition. Read More
5 Reasons: You Should Buy A Dance Costume Rather Than Make Your Own
The expenses of a dancer can add up quickly. All the money spent on classes, shoes, and practice clothes makes it awfully tempting to try to cut out one of the biggest expenses -- costumes. But before you go the DIY route, here are a few things you should know. Read More
5 Great Stretches Before You Dance
Dancers don't need to be told how important warm up stretches are to avoid pulls and strains, not to mention that they get your mind and body ready to do what you love. Here are five great stretches to add to your warm up repertoire. Read More
5 Do’s and Don'ts for Recital Hair and Make-Up
Uncomfortable costumes, difficult choreography, family and friends there to watch -- recital day is stressful enough without having to worry about hair and make-up. Here are five tips to help make sure that your recital day goes as smoothly as possible. Read More
3 Common Injuries in Dancers and How To Avoid Them
Like all athletes, dancers are prone to certain injuries. It’s tempting to ignore your body and keep dancing on them, but sometimes the damage is so great that it won’t heal by itself over time. We’ve put together 5 of the most common injuries in dancers and how to effectively prevent and treat them. Read More