The Glitter and Dance Story

Glitter and Dance has been an industry favourite for dance fabric supplies since opening its doors in Brisbane, Australia 1994. We are a family run operation that is dedicated to providing the very best in customer service to help our customers create the perfect costume.

Our customers are some of the most respected dance organisations in Australia, including:

  • The Australian Ballet Company
  • The Queensland Ballet & Theatre
  • Warner Brothers Movie World Productions

We have also supplied fabrics and costumes to major TV shows including “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With The Stars”. 

We continue to be one of Australia’s preferred suppliers for all major musicals, TV dance shows, Australian film and theatre productions including Baz Lurhmann’s “The Great Gatsby”, as well as the go-to dance fabric store for local dance schools and dance mums.

Why? Simply because we know and love dance. We know which fabrics look stunning and will last the rigours of dance performances without sagging, stretching or losing embellishments.

And we treat each customer – from the first-time dressmaker through to our major production companies with the same level of courtesy, attention to detail, support and advice.

That’s why we will often ring to double-check orders with our customers to ensure they achieve the results they are looking for – and not just cut, send and hope for the best. 

Our Glitter and Dance Cast

Kerry Young
Costume Designer & Production Manager

With over 35 years of experience in sewing and costume design, Kerry leads a team of qualified textile specialists that can help you turn your design concepts into stunning costumes. 

Kerry started as the original dance mum – sewing dance clothes for her daughters, friends and their dance school. She knows the challenges of sewing on sequins late at night on the evening before a performance – as well as ensuring an entire dance troop looks brilliant on stage.

She is now an elder statesperson within the dance industry and has been involved in creating costumes for many of Australia’s iconic dance groups and productions.


Cassandra Wallace
Resident Fabric Designer, Retail & Wholesale Manager

Cassandra is Kerry’s eldest daughter and is our fabric innovator and designer. She creates fabulously unique fabric designs and has them made to order for Glitter and Dance.  Cassandra is also in charge of our team of wholesale and retail staff members.  Being a previous dance performer, Cassandra has the eye to know what looks good on stage and how to combine fabrics together to make the perfect costume.  Not only does she design the beautiful fabrics, but she is head designer of the costume range for sister company Glitter Costumes

Contact Cassandra or her team if you have any questions regarding fabrics or product sales.

Carly Vidal-Wallace
Backstage Manager

Carly is Kerry’s youngest daughter and is our business wizard. She manages all the day-to-day operations and helps keep the business humming.  Carly looks after the business development and strategic partnerships, marketing and recruitment as well as procedures and policies, industry contact and support.  She ensures that the current business strategy enables Glitter and Dance longevity.